Keanu’s Ode to Happiness

I bet you didn’t know Keanu wrote a book of poetry. Yeah. You didn’t, did you?

Reeves says he was inspired to write the book while listening to a radio station that “was playing, like, an orgy of depressing, self-pitying, nostalgic music. You know, ‘I’m so lonely and I’ve been left and my heart is broken.’ It was so voluptuously horrible. And I just started to write on this piece of paper, because I had this image of, you know, that moment when you take that bath, you light that candle, and you’re really just kind of depressed. And it was making [my friend] laugh so hard.”

The satirical poem is accompanied by beautiful ink blot paintings, stained by the tears of Keanu. Well, not really but in light of “Sad Keanu” one could only believe that to be true. But Keanu is clearly happy about this new venture to writing and I’m excited he did it. Not a lot of actors, or people for that matter, branch out to do something completely different. So, bravo!
The book has a wonderful lightness to it and shows that Keanu can laugh at himself and not take things to seriously because we all know one thing for sure… That it could always be worse.


Celebrate Keanu

Since a lot of people take the time to celebrate their Birthdays all week, why not do that with Keanu and his work. 

Why not grow out your hair and catch the end of summer and watch Point Break?

Or if that’s not your thing why not binge watch all of The Matrix Trilogy? If those are not your thing have no fear because he’s done pretty much every genre, so you have a lot to pick from: Keanu’s IMDB

Don’t fight this feeling and just relax and enjoy your weekend with Keanu because you know deep down inside, it’s worth it.

Happy Birthday Keanu!

Today is a magical day. It is the day that Mr. Reeves graced the world with his presence. The day that has lead to many great ones that, we as viewers, where able to experience. We laughed, we cried, we felt the Sadness Keanu experienced that day on the bench. Where would we be with out you?

I know a lot of people out there don’t feel the same way about Keanu and I’ve known the feeling but it’s just like in The Matrix, you either take red pill and see the truth about him being a great actor/person or you stay in a fantasy world with the blue. It’s your choice but I’m just trying to open your eyes to his greatness.


I’m not the only one who feels this way and today on his 50th Birthday they’ve broken down his diverse acting roles and everything he’s done and where’s he’s been from the good to, well, not so good.

On Keanu Reeves’ 50th birthday, we show that he does in fact have more than one face

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The 25 BEST Keanu Roles

Keanu, Thank you for everything you’ve done and….


Is TV Ready for Keanu Reeves?

TV Programs (yes, programs because I’m an old lady) have as of the past years been on the up and up with successes from series like Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad allowing us as viewers to really connect with these characters. Unlike movies we see these characters develop and grow in different ways, good and bad, and see them as more complex beings over a period of time rather than a matter of hours.

This mini-series Keanu is starring in and executive producing is called RAIN and is set to air in 2016.

The character of John Rain is based on writer Barry Eisler’s series of novels, which see the half-Japanese, half-American assassin traveling the world and finding his marks – but never finding human connection. His whole schtick is making his target’s deaths look like natural causes, which should add an interesting puzzle element to the series if the “hits” are where the series’ focus lies.

I’m thrilled to see how Keanu will fair at this new adventure into to television and feel like he’ll really show us what he’s got, really being able to see him open up into something more then just an action hero, “whoa!” guy.

I think the question isn’t if Keanu is ready for TV but are we ready for Keanu on TV? Well, are you?

I know I am.

Get to Know: Andrew Rahman


Meet Andrew Rahman:

Andrew is a good friend of mine that I’ve known for several years that I’m so lucky I get to work with on the music for Keanu! The Musical.

I meet Andrew in Columbus, Ohio through mutually talented friends and knew that one day I wanted to work with him. It just seemed to make sense when he moved to Oakland, CA that we needed to collaborate, finally, and I’m sure glad we combined our forces because I’ve been super excited about the music we’ve made, thus far.

Andrew is multi-talented, always working on projects, either his own or collaborating with others. I’m always excited to hear what he’s been working on with other people and excited that he’s able to keep his creativity juices flowing. And when you think that’s all he can do, he also teaches! Oh, and also knows how to juggle, though that’s a maybe but I’m just assuming if he doesn’t know he could figure out in an hour.

Just check out his sound cloud at all the different types of music he’s been making! It’s amazing and inspiring!


He’s been a major role in Keanu! The Musical by helping me really shape and form what the sound and feel of the musical was going to be. He’s helped me create  hilarious song (ie “Bill and Ted” song, which I’ll share with you soon) while helping me build and develop sound designs for the actual stage production. At the last table reading we were able to bring some life into my words with the sounds we chose and made people laugh. It makes me excited just to think about it and how far I’ve come since collaborating with him and I can’t wait to create more sweet, sweet music!

Stay tuned for more Keanu! The Musical songs to come and also if you have any more questions about Andrew let me know and I can direct you in his path OR check out his website linked with his name and EMAIL HIM!

Why We Love Patrick Swayze

In honor of Mr. Swayze’s Birthday today I thought I would share the reasons why I love this man and decided to have him be a major component of my musical.

I had a similar view on Patrick Swayze that I did on Keanu. A quick to the draw write off, thinking he was nothing more then a sub-pare actor and a guy just trying to teach a girl named Baby to dance. Also I didn’t think he was that cute OR sexy.

I remember watching Dirty Dancing when I was in junior high and not getting why this guy made all the ladies swoon. Sure, his moves were great but I just didn’t get it but, boy, was my opinion going to change and I’m glad it did.

It was probably years later when I was home one lonely night and flipped through the channels to see that this movie called Road House was on and I thought I would give it a try.  The night I felt I saw Mr. Swayze truly for the first time. That was the night everything changed and I’m sure glad it did.

His character in that movie had a beautiful quietness to him that made you glued and keep watching because you weren’t sure what was gonna come next.  How could you when you’re introduced to Dalton as  a Philosophy major turned bouncer. How can you go wrong? Also, adding in Sam Elliott to the mix was a nice touch for this delicious sexy sandwich. 

. The beauty that lasts forever and I respect.

After that movie I saw Swayze in a whole new light of love and respect. My eyes were opened to his beauty that was only confirmed more in films like Ghost, Point Break, and To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar. His films allowed me to slowly understanding his grace and charm and why he’s deemed sexy.

I even went back recently and watched Dirty Dancing and can now understand why Baby felt this way. He’s EVERYTHING!

And you still are everything Mr. Swayze and Happy Birthday! We still love you!

Check out more reasons Why We Love Patrick Swayze


100% Pure Keanu! Who’s In?

Hey awesomely talented friends out there, want to help make this Keanu! The Musical more awesome?!?! Well, here’s your chance! I’m currently looking for suggestions and projects while you all patiently wait for my musical masterpiece to be finished.

I would love to do collaborative work or just send me your favorite Keanu movie and why. I would love guests bloggers or someone to do a podcast with on the theory behind Keanu’s stare. The sky is the limit. So, who’s in? Because I’ll talk you to the Keanu edge…and back! 100% PURE KEANU! 

If interested please email! 

Lets do it!

Keanu Will Save You

Mr. Reeves is one of those actors who’ve been in a slew of different movies but there is one genre that has really stood out in his career.

Action movies!
We all know the movie.  The one that broke him free from his stoner persona. The one that made every woman want to be held hostage on a bus just so they could nuzzle into his strong-ish chest. The one that made us want more kick ass Keanu in a cop uniform.


Sure, there are a handful of other action movies that you may think was his better “action” role and I would have to agree that his character Johnny Utah from Point Break comes in close second but there’s something about Speed that really gets my motor running. He’s just so confident and emotionless, unless he’s with Detective Harry Temple (Jeff Daniel’s character) who was his TRUE love.

But Speed stood out above the rest because, while all his peers were busy dispatching their bad guys with a knowingly raised eyebrow, Reeves played his hero as straight as a bullet. As someone who has always been averse to any trend that relies on a dosage of smug irony, it was his persona, rather than those of Cage or Travolta, that resonated most. While Bruce Willis flaunted the gift of the gab, Reeves showed little interest in chitchat and was all the better for it. Traven’s capacity to get his job done with a minimum of unfunny asides and forced repartees is something that appeals to anyone who covets the misanthrope’s life but comes up short in his particular brand of workplace self-assurance.

check out the rest of this article 

See! I’m not the only one.

But what do you think? Who’s your favorite Keanu Action hero?

Also, I’ve noticed he’s played a lot of characters named John….

Get to Know: Ryan Eilbeck

I would like to introduce some of my amazingly talented friends who’ve been helping me on the journey to bringing Keanu! The Musical to life.

Meet Ryan Eilbeck:


I’ve known Mr. Eilbeck for several years, meeting through a mutual friend when I lived in Columbus, Ohio. When I was on the search for a musician to help me put my crazy lyrics and thoughts into a song my friend Jimi Payne suggested Ryan. And it was a perfect fit.

The first two songs he’s pumped out for me, “50 MPH Love Song” and “My Own Private River” was exactly what I was looking for in a song; super catchy and AMAZING!

Also he’s in a little band called Delay  who was just featured on NPR’s All Songs Considered. No big deal or anything! Here’s what they had to say:

Later on the show we welcome NPR Music’s Daoud Tyler–Ameen and Jacob Ganz to the studio to play some of their favorite new tunes. Daoud opts for “Explanation,” a punchy rock number from Ohio trio Delay, while Jacob plays Perfume Genius‘ surging new track “Queen.”

Here’s the song “Explanation”:

Also Delay is on tour and you should check out if they are coming to a town near you because it’ll be worth it. Promise!

I can’t wait to hear what other musical magic Ryan has in store and I feel so lucky to have him along for the ride!

So, what are you waiting for? Check out his music!

And also have a good weekend!!!!!