It Is Time….

Lets all agree that 2016 was a hell of a year and how happy I was when 2017 finally rung in.


This year I want to make it my personal goal to FINALLY get Keanu! The Musical finished and on stage! Why you may ask?

It has been around 7-ish years since I started this little project and in that timeframe I have moved to California, hung out for a few years and recently moved back to my home state of Ohio. Not that Ohio can’t keep me busy but I finally have the opportunity to work with my talented friends in Columbus and have the time to develop this play more.

Currently I am re-editing the script and hopefully in the following months can get the music back on track.

New years spark the fire in your butt to get going because what I’ve learned from last year, we don’t have a lot of time on this Earth and I might as well do something I’m passionate and in love with. Which in this case is Keanu Reeves!
So, I hope you will still join me on this BOGUS journey that will be KEANU! THE MUSICAL (coming 2017)

Keanu…My Hero

Whenever I tell someone that I’ve been working for the past few years on a Keanu Reeves musical, I usually get a chuckle and smirk followed by  the infamous question, “Why Keanu?”

Keanu EW

This usually is followed up with statements like “he’s a terrible actor” or “what would this musical even be about?”. This usually comes from folks who only know a limited section of his filmography career and don’t know his background not only as a performer but also a person.

Granted, when I first started this project, about 4 years ago, I had those same reaction when the name Keanu Reeves was mentioned in a movie trailer or brought up in conversation. I thought he was just a typical Hollywood actor, who only made it because he was good looking and had a lucky break. When I began my research on Mr. Reeves and dig deep beyond Point Break and actually into his life, my eyes were open to Keanu just being a stand up guy. Not only does he take his profession seriously, he also works hard at it and respects everyone in the trade. No wonder he’s worked with so many great directors like Francis Ford Coppola and Gus Van Sant. And of course he would share the screen with Academy Award winning actors like Al Pacino, Denzel Washington, and Charlize Theron because they saw this level of professionalism and respect.

Sure, he’s good at his job but how does that merit him being a good person? How do we know that he’s not just putting on a show because he is an actor, after all.

The proof is in the pudding. Keanu not only took huge pay cuts in films like The Replacements and The Devils Advocate so they could get the actors they wanted (ie Gene Hackman and Pacino) but he also took $50 million dollars of his $70 million earning from The Matrix and paid the special effects and make up staff saying,

“Money is the last thing I think about. I could live on what I have already made for the next few centuries.”

Though, I may have started off this project to poke fun at Keanu and in some regards, I still am.  The one thing that has changed is I have developed a true love and admiration for him and his career. Not only that, but I truly do think he’s a most excellent dude and has become a personal hero of mine, to work work hard and never give up on your dreams!


Thank you Keanu!

Keanu on Fame

Keanu Reeves has lived in the spot light for quit some time and it’s impressive that, for the most part he’s lived a private, normal-ish life.


Recently, the current boy band members of the insanity tween driven popularity, One Direction member Zayn Malik decided to hang up his hat (or a metaphor the relates to the boy band that I don’t know) to live a semi normal life.  Though, from the sound of it I don’t think Keanu knows who this popstar is, he still offers some sage advice and wishes him luck in the hectic world that is fame.

In the light of the insanity that is fame and “the price” that comes with it, there’s always the question of how can people handle it. It’s no wonder that celebrities try to hold on to their normalcy in any way they can, like Keanu still taking the subway (and also being a gentleman by letting this woman take a seat).

I also have to applaud the few that do want to protect their private life and don’t feel like they have to share everything. So, really kudos to you Keanu and school the young-ins to understand the chaos that is fame but also how you can live a normal, peaceful life.

There’s a reason he’s The One….am I right?

A New Year, a New Keanu!

As you may know I’m a little obsessed with Keanu Reeves and might have written a musical about him. So, why not make this year the year of Keanu! and finally get my musical finished and on stage.

I’ve been working on this musical since 2010 and think it’s time to release the weirdness that is my brain to the masses, in hopes that the masses can handle it. Here’s a little sneak peek with one of the songs called “50 MPH Love Song”:

So, I am here to declare to you to be on the look out for Keanu! The Musical, hopefully, coming to a stage near you.
And please feel free to bother me and ask me how the musical is going because it’ll put my butt into high gear!
Keanu is back and hopefully with a musical!

Keanu in the Rain

California has been in a three year drought and yesterday Mother Nature was trying to make up for it with a storm of the year.

No one could get out of the rain, not even Keanu who waiting outside, in the rain for the wrap party of a movie he was in. Of course he was super chill and cool about it and wasn’t afraid of getting a little wet.const_212KeanuReeves giphy 20140819-keanu-reeves 004TMR_Keanu_Reeves_019 008ESS_Keanu_Reeves_015 neo03rev 8YEkHV1 imageskeanu-ii

So, don’t fret about the rain and be like Keanu and ENJOY the rain!

Keanu! The Zine

Calling all artist I’m putting together a Keanu themed Zine together and need your work!


John Constantine Illustration by Alex Chelini

What’s a better way to celebrate one of our beloved actors (at least one of mine) in a zine form.

What I’m looking for from you:

  • One of a kind illustration/Artwork that’s high quality images
  • Poems
  • Fan Letters
  • Music or Lyrics
  • Sculptures
  • Cats Dressed up as Keanu characters
  • Crossover Keanu fiction
  • Etc.

I would like to get theses work by the end of the month and compile the Zine by the first week of December. I know that’s not a lot of time but I thought it might get some of your butts into high gear! So, please help me out and send me your work:


The Keanu Beginnings

Where it all began…this little notebook I bought for, maybe, a dollar three years ago. I don’t know the exact date that I started writing this but you can tell it’s been a while based on the fading pencil lines on the first page.
In a perfect world I would be done with this musical. But alas there’s still more work to do and it’ll just take some time and that’s ok!

It is nice, thought, to look back. Even at embarrassing writings/moments like this fan letter I wrote to Mr. Reeves. I haven’t read it because I am sorta embarrassed but I thought you should all see it to know the passion I have for this project.

So, enjoy:

Keanu letter 1

Letter 2Letter 3

It shows how far I’ve come and gets me excited to see the further developments to come down the road. Maybe one day I’ll send this to Keanu but for now my dear fans get to enjoy this moment.

And please, feel free to make fun of me!

Keanu Reeves: Nerdist Podcast Interview

If you’ve been reading this site you know how excited I get for anything “New” Keanu. So, you can only imagine the thrill of excitement that washed over me when I found out that there was a Nerdist Podcast Interview with Mr. Reeves himself.

I absolutely LOVE the Nerdist and felt that it was too good to be true that they got him on. Granted it was only a half hour, unlike their normal hour and a half interviews, Chris Hardwick hit all the important questions and even got out some good laughs.
You should take a listen!
Nerdist Podcast: HERE
My greatest takeaway from this interview is Keanu says he wants to be in a musical! Even though he says a big “romantic type” musical he still needs to become aware that I can give him what he wants!
So, I just ask all my readers and Keanu fans to spread the word about Keanu! The Musical. It would be nice to have him aware of this beautiful story about his life and if he wants to star in it, that’s fine by me!IMG_0029.JPG

I’m Thinking He’s Back…

Keanu’s back!


Well, to normal people who haven’t been obsessed with Mr. Reeves for the past four years may not have seen Keanu around as much. Sure he did some films here and there like Man of Thai Chi and 47 Ronin but something was missing from those, that little Keanu flair and charm that makes him, well, him.

That’s where John Wick stands out above the rest. Not only does it deliver on non-stop action with just the right amount of violence but the dialog and story really put the movie right where it needed to be. Keanu kicking ass.

Derek Kolstad knew what he was doing when he wrote this script. There was just enough story to capture our interest and he never delved too far in to the backstory allowing the audience to piece it together for themselves, which I appreciated. He also knew the perfect timing to pull out the big guns and make the typical “action movie one liners” that really stuck their landing when said AND some great subtitles (that’s all I’m going to say about it).

And don’t get me started on the cast! Wow! Not only was Keanu perfect for this role he was also surrounded by a star studded ensemble. From Willem Dafoe to John Legizamo this movie hit gold with their cast.

And of course Keanu brought all the right moves and I can say for sure.

He’s Back!!!

Keanu: Ask Me Anything 11 am EST

It’s your time friends. Your time to spread the word to the man himself, Mr Keanu Reeves. It’s time to let him know there is a musical out there about him and his greatness called Keanu! The Musical.

The time has come thanks Reddit to allow us to “Ask Keanu Anything” and why else wouldn’t I try but I’m only one person so that’s why I need your help! My east coast friends,l and early bird west coasters let’s gather together and have him become aware of the beauty that awaits him!
The hours are upon us!
Let’s go!!!
Keanu AMA on Reddit
11am Eastern Standard Time
8am Pacific Standard Time