Why We Love Patrick Swayze

In honor of Mr. Swayze’s Birthday today I thought I would share the reasons why I love this man and decided to have him be a major component of my musical.

I had a similar view on Patrick Swayze that I did on Keanu. A quick to the draw write off, thinking he was nothing more then a sub-pare actor and a guy just trying to teach a girl named Baby to dance. Also I didn’t think he was that cute OR sexy.

I remember watching Dirty Dancing when I was in junior high and not getting why this guy made all the ladies swoon. Sure, his moves were great but I just didn’t get it but, boy, was my opinion going to change and I’m glad it did.

It was probably years later when I was home one lonely night and flipped through the channels to see that this movie called Road House was on and I thought I would give it a try.  The night I felt I saw Mr. Swayze truly for the first time. That was the night everything changed and I’m sure glad it did.

His character in that movie had a beautiful quietness to him that made you glued and keep watching because you weren’t sure what was gonna come next.  How could you when you’re introduced to Dalton as  a Philosophy major turned bouncer. How can you go wrong? Also, adding in Sam Elliott to the mix was a nice touch for this delicious sexy sandwich. 

. The beauty that lasts forever and I respect.

After that movie I saw Swayze in a whole new light of love and respect. My eyes were opened to his beauty that was only confirmed more in films like Ghost, Point Break, and To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar. His films allowed me to slowly understanding his grace and charm and why he’s deemed sexy.

I even went back recently and watched Dirty Dancing and can now understand why Baby felt this way. He’s EVERYTHING!

And you still are everything Mr. Swayze and Happy Birthday! We still love you!

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I Like Fiction Books…

I know this isn’t a Keanu post but I felt that I needed to share this great film They Came Together directed by David Wain and written by him and Michael Showalter. They are also the masterminds behind one of my all time favorite movies Wet Hot American Summer. So, you could only imagine the excitement that rushed through my body when I saw they CAME TOGETHER to make another movie! (also get it…I used the title of their film about them coming together…yeah, play on words…but maybe not really…anyway). The film is a rip on all the Romantic Comedy cliches with perfectly timed jokes that leave you laughing through out the whole movie.

Can rent this movie now on Amazon for $6.99!

The reason I’m sharing this with you is because I want to thank them for doing what they’ve been doing for years! With out them I don’t think I would be where I am now with my musical. The ridiculousness that are in their movies really inspired me to grab hold of the silly and never let go.


So, here I am, 4 years later still holding onto my Keanu! The Musical silliness and I couldn’t be happier. These movies really inspire me to keep going and not to give up because in the end I just want to make people laugh and I believe this musical will do that!

Thank you David Wain

Thank you Michael Showalter

Thank you the cast of Wet Hot American Summer and They Came Together.

Hope to see you when my musical opens on Broadway!