ryan eilbeck

Get to Know: Ryan Eilbeck

I would like to introduce some of my amazingly talented friends who’ve been helping me on the journey to bringing Keanu! The Musical to life.

Meet Ryan Eilbeck:


I’ve known Mr. Eilbeck for several years, meeting through a mutual friend when I lived in Columbus, Ohio. When I was on the search for a musician to help me put my crazy lyrics and thoughts into a song my friend Jimi Payne suggested Ryan. And it was a perfect fit.

The first two songs he’s pumped out for me, “50 MPH Love Song” and “My Own Private River” was exactly what I was looking for in a song; super catchy and AMAZING!

Also he’s in a little band called Delay  who was just featured on NPR’s All Songs Considered. No big deal or anything! Here’s what they had to say:

Later on the show we welcome NPR Music’s Daoud Tyler–Ameen and Jacob Ganz to the studio to play some of their favorite new tunes. Daoud opts for “Explanation,” a punchy rock number from Ohio trio Delay, while Jacob plays Perfume Genius‘ surging new track “Queen.”

Here’s the song “Explanation”:


Also Delay is on tour and you should check out if they are coming to a town near you because it’ll be worth it. Promise!

I can’t wait to hear what other musical magic Ryan has in store and I feel so lucky to have him along for the ride!

So, what are you waiting for? Check out his music!

And also have a good weekend!!!!!