Is TV Ready for Keanu Reeves?

TV Programs (yes, programs because I’m an old lady) have as of the past years been on the up and up with successes from series like Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad allowing us as viewers to really connect with these characters. Unlike movies we see these characters develop and grow in different ways, good and bad, and see them as more complex beings over a period of time rather than a matter of hours.

This mini-series Keanu is starring in and executive producing is called RAIN and is set to air in 2016.

The character of John Rain is based on writer Barry Eisler’s series of novels, which see the half-Japanese, half-American assassin traveling the world and finding his marks – but never finding human connection. His whole schtick is making his target’s deaths look like natural causes, which should add an interesting puzzle element to the series if the “hits” are where the series’ focus lies.

I’m thrilled to see how Keanu will fair at this new adventure into to television and feel like he’ll really show us what he’s got, really being able to see him open up into something more then just an action hero, “whoa!” guy.

I think the question isn’t if Keanu is ready for TV but are we ready for Keanu on TV? Well, are you?

I know I am.

What Really Makes Keanu Happy?

We are all aware that sandwiches don’t make Keanu happy but that leaves the question…what makes him happy?

As we see in this image it goes from being bummed about his sandwich to being, ok with some juice and looking semi satisfied with his cupcake. What is the one super food that gets him smiling? Is it steak or a nice taco salad?

Maybe it’s just a nice slice of NYC Pizza to put a smile on his face. Or perhaps a Birthday cake with his face on smattered in icing to crack a grimace across his vacant gaze.



Maybe it’s not food that makes him happy. Maybe it’s just something as simple as running through an open field with a friend. How could you be sad about that? Oh, wait! Look at his face…HE’S HAPPY! HE’S REALLY HAPPY!

So, everyone please have a Happy Friday and Enjoy your weekend everyone!!!

A Table Reading is Coming…

There is a mere 3 days to the first EVER Keanu! The Musical SF Table Reading.

Who’s excited!?! Are you excited? I know I am!

But if you still need convincing here’s a little treat, another song by my amazingly talented friend Ryan Eilbeck!

Now without further ado, “My Own Private River”


4 Days Until the SF Table Reading!

Just a mere 4 Days left until the San Francisco Keanu! The Musical Table Reading!!! It’s getting so close you can taste it!

To wet you whistle here’s your fun fact for the day!

Did you know Bill and Ted had a cartoon series? Yeah, it was pretty terrible but had a most excellent theme song!

Also Keanu Reeves, Alex Winter (aka Bill), and George Carlin all did their character voices for the cartoon as well.

Hope you have a TUBULAR TUESDAY! 



Keanu! The Musical Table Reading in Columbus, OH-2013

With the upcoming table reading in San Francisco, I thought I would share some photos from the FIRST EVER table reading at SkyLab Gallery in Columbus, Ohio.

1456640_553667131390042_236515125_n 1512625_10103893727096605_712797878_n 1525438_564935280263227_2947475_n 1528762_10103896148439215_1577439625_n 1555371_10103896137590955_813272063_nI was very lucky to have a talented group of friends who were interested in reading. Thank you so much to Casey Best, Ray Zupp, James Payne, Olivera Bratich, Kyle Mason, Daniel Fox, Abby Nelson, Briana Cribeyer, Kevin VanScoder, and Mike Ohh.  Also a VERY big thanks to Ryan Eilbeck for performing the 2 amazing songs he wrote for the musical,(“50 MPH Love” and “My Own Private River”. It was such an amazingly fun time and I know that the one in San Francisco is going to be a BLAST!

So, if this peaks your interest come hang out with us for a few hours and be entertained on June 21st at 7pm for Keanu! The Musical Table Reading!

I promise you’ll have a good time and bring your friends!

The Best Around by Casey Cosley

Have you ever been in the middle of the perfect sandwich when you stopped to contemplate life? Rest assured you’re not the only one, unless that is you are The One (Neo). Keanu! The Musical! follows the simple and completely normal everyday life of Keanu Reeves and the challenges, even he, faces. Guest appearances by none other than; Everyone that is totally rad & people who love to hang around actors who say, “Whoa!”.