Keanu’s Ode to Happiness

I bet you didn’t know Keanu wrote a book of poetry. Yeah. You didn’t, did you?

Reeves says he was inspired to write the book while listening to a radio station that “was playing, like, an orgy of depressing, self-pitying, nostalgic music. You know, ‘I’m so lonely and I’ve been left and my heart is broken.’ It was so voluptuously horrible. And I just started to write on this piece of paper, because I had this image of, you know, that moment when you take that bath, you light that candle, and you’re really just kind of depressed. And it was making [my friend] laugh so hard.”

The satirical poem is accompanied by beautiful ink blot paintings, stained by the tears of Keanu. Well, not really but in light of “Sad Keanu” one could only believe that to be true. But Keanu is clearly happy about this new venture to writing and I’m excited he did it. Not a lot of actors, or people for that matter, branch out to do something completely different. So, bravo!
The book has a wonderful lightness to it and shows that Keanu can laugh at himself and not take things to seriously because we all know one thing for sure… That it could always be worse.


SF Keanu! The Musical Table Reading Cast!

Thank you so much for your patience and it gives me great honor to reveal the SF CAST LIST for the Keanu! The Musical Table Reading June 21st !

Keanu! The Musical Table Reading Cast List
Characters Readers
Keanu Reeves   David Carr Berry
Ghost Patrick Swayze   Max McCal
Sandra Bullock   Laura Lahti
Bill aka Alex Winters   Matt McMonagle
Crispen Glover   Adam Amler
Christopher Lloyd   Matt Jackson
George Carlin   Monica Leong
Rachel Weisz   Adam Van Der Veer
Shia LaBeouf   Monica L
Gary Busey   Matt J
Red Hot Chili Pepper Crew   Adam A
Critic 1   Adam V
Critic 2   Monica L
Critic 3   Adam A
Critic 4   Matt J
Carrie Anne Moss   Adam V
Charlize Theron   Adam V
Laurence Fishburne   Monica L
Jeff Daniels   Matt J
River Phoenix   Monica L
Al Pacino   Matt J
The Devil   Adam A
Dustin Hoffman   Adam A
Maid   Adam V
Action, Nerd, Thriller Group   Monica/Matt M/Max
Romantic and Sports Group   Matt J/Laura
Indie and Stoner Group   Adam A/Adam V
Little Kid   Monica L
Kevin Bacon   Matt J
Chorus   Anyone who’s not reading
Narrator   Kevin VanScoder 

Keanu! The Musical Table Reading in Columbus, OH-2013

With the upcoming table reading in San Francisco, I thought I would share some photos from the FIRST EVER table reading at SkyLab Gallery in Columbus, Ohio.

1456640_553667131390042_236515125_n 1512625_10103893727096605_712797878_n 1525438_564935280263227_2947475_n 1528762_10103896148439215_1577439625_n 1555371_10103896137590955_813272063_nI was very lucky to have a talented group of friends who were interested in reading. Thank you so much to Casey Best, Ray Zupp, James Payne, Olivera Bratich, Kyle Mason, Daniel Fox, Abby Nelson, Briana Cribeyer, Kevin VanScoder, and Mike Ohh.  Also a VERY big thanks to Ryan Eilbeck for performing the 2 amazing songs he wrote for the musical,(“50 MPH Love” and “My Own Private River”. It was such an amazingly fun time and I know that the one in San Francisco is going to be a BLAST!

So, if this peaks your interest come hang out with us for a few hours and be entertained on June 21st at 7pm for Keanu! The Musical Table Reading!

I promise you’ll have a good time and bring your friends!