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The Nice Guy: Keanu Reeves

We all like to believe that movie stars are the nicest and greatest beings on Earth. But unfortunately we know that is not true. With that dang technology today we see Actors caught on tape screaming at the directors and just being downright rude to fans. You may think it’s all over, that movie stars will never be just like you and me….

Or did we speak too soon?

Is there one true person left…is it “The One”?!?!

Keanu is still a gentleman and also just a nice guy. Take a look at this article depicting the money he’s donated to help films be made and to just help out others. He’s also taken major pay cut in his salary to be part of films such as The Matrix. What would your life be with out The Matrix?!?! He’s also very honest about himself and his experiences and when not in the spotlight he tends to try and keep a private life, which I respect. Keanu seems like a guy you could go out and have a beer with and have one of the best conversations of your life (he’s very well read). I know he’s still an actor and getting paid more then you and me but doesn’t it at least give you hope that there are some folks still out there “keeping it real”?

You may still need to be convinced of his magic but I don’t see how you can argue with his kindness.

Just try.


Keanu Reeves, I’m Sorry I Doubted You

It may take people a few days, months, or years to understand the magic and beauty of Keanu Reeves.

Check out Anne Billson’s article on her doubt of Keanu and how it changed.

Keanu Reeves, I’m Sorry I Doubted You


I was just like Anne Billson, thinking Keanu was terrible and could only play the stoner characters that had no depth. Boy, was I wrong. Once I really started to research Keanu for the musical I began to see the kindness that was in him and how serious he took his career as an actor. He’s professional, generous, and down to Earth. He’s not your typical Hollywood actor, trying to stay out of the lime light instead of in it. I have great respect for him and my musical only reflects that.

All I have to say is Thank you Keanu!


The Best Around by Casey Cosley

Have you ever been in the middle of the perfect sandwich when you stopped to contemplate life? Rest assured you’re not the only one, unless that is you are The One (Neo). Keanu! The Musical! follows the simple and completely normal everyday life of Keanu Reeves and the challenges, even he, faces. Guest appearances by none other than; Everyone that is totally rad & people who love to hang around actors who say, “Whoa!”.