Month: March 2015

Keanu on Fame

Keanu Reeves has lived in the spot light for quit some time and it’s impressive that, for the most part he’s lived a private, normal-ish life.


Recently, the current boy band members of the insanity tween driven popularity, One Direction member Zayn Malik decided to hang up his hat (or a metaphor the relates to the boy band that I don’t know) to live a semi normal life. ¬†Though, from the sound of it I don’t think Keanu knows who this popstar is, he still offers some sage advice and wishes him luck in the hectic world that is fame.

In the light of the insanity that is fame and “the price” that comes with it, there’s always the question of how can people handle it. It’s no wonder that celebrities try to hold on to their normalcy in any way they can, like Keanu still taking the subway (and also being a gentleman by letting this woman take a seat).

I also have to applaud the few that do want to protect their private life and don’t feel like they have to share everything. So, really kudos to you Keanu and school the young-ins to understand the chaos that is fame but also how you can live a normal, peaceful life.

There’s a reason he’s The One….am I right?

Are you bored at work? Do you want some answers to questions you didn’t even think you needed the answer to? Well, look no further. I have them. Well, I don’t have them, the person who created this video does.

I know that if you’re reading this site you probably have some fascination or interest in Mr. Reeves and if you’re truly dedicated you probably have seen he latest movie, now out on Blu-ray and DVD, John Wick.

As you probably already know (and if you don’t SPOILER ALERT) he kills a lot of people in the film. But how many? Well, this little video some amazing person put together not only tells you but also shows you all the kills in the film! It’s ridiculous and amazing. So, how many do you guess? 10? 15? 50? See how close your guess is to the real thing and check out the video here: