It Is Time….

Lets all agree that 2016 was a hell of a year and how happy I was when 2017 finally rung in.


This year I want to make it my personal goal to FINALLY get Keanu! The Musical finished and on stage! Why you may ask?

It has been around 7-ish years since I started this little project and in that timeframe I have moved to California, hung out for a few years and recently moved back to my home state of Ohio. Not that Ohio can’t keep me busy but I finally have the opportunity to work with my talented friends in Columbus and have the time to develop this play more.

Currently I am re-editing the script and hopefully in the following months can get the music back on track.

New years spark the fire in your butt to get going because what I’ve learned from last year, we don’t have a lot of time on this Earth and I might as well do something I’m passionate and in love with. Which in this case is Keanu Reeves!
So, I hope you will still join me on this BOGUS journey that will be KEANU! THE MUSICAL (coming 2017)

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