Get to Know: Andrew Rahman


Meet Andrew Rahman:

Andrew is a good friend of mine that I’ve known for several years that I’m so lucky I get to work with on the music for Keanu! The Musical.

I meet Andrew in Columbus, Ohio through mutually talented friends and knew that one day I wanted to work with him. It just seemed to make sense when he moved to Oakland, CA that we needed to collaborate, finally, and I’m sure glad we combined our forces because I’ve been super excited about the music we’ve made, thus far.

Andrew is multi-talented, always working on projects, either his own or collaborating with others. I’m always excited to hear what he’s been working on with other people and excited that he’s able to keep his creativity juices flowing. And when you think that’s all he can do, he also teaches! Oh, and also knows how to juggle, though that’s a maybe but I’m just assuming if he doesn’t know he could figure out in an hour.

Just check out his sound cloud at all the different types of music he’s been making! It’s amazing and inspiring!


He’s been a major role in Keanu! The Musical by helping me really shape and form what the sound and feel of the musical was going to be. He’s helped me create ¬†hilarious song (ie “Bill and Ted” song, which I’ll share with you soon) while helping me build and develop sound designs for the actual stage production. At the last table reading we were able to bring some life into my words with the sounds we chose and made people laugh. It makes me excited just to think about it and how far I’ve come since collaborating with him and I can’t wait to create more sweet, sweet music!

Stay tuned for more Keanu! The Musical songs to come and also if you have any more questions about Andrew let me know and I can direct you in his path OR check out his website linked with his name and EMAIL HIM!

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