Virtual Keanu…

Mr. Reeves and blockbuster director Roland Emmerich are set to work on a sci-fi, action series called New Angeles.


New Angeles will tell the story of a man who enters a virtual reality named, unsurprisingly, New Angeles, to escape his boring everyday life. There, he crafts a new identity for himself and begins to uncover his destiny and a mystery that has implications for him in both virtual reality and his real life. (see the rest of the article here)

The show sounds perfect for them both. One being a Veteran actor of all things sci-fi and the other writing for films like Independence Day  and The Day After Tomorrow. So, what could be better? I’m excited to see this collaboration and am thrilled there’s more Keanu to come in all of our futures, on the big screen and small.

Get ready 2014/2015! It’s gonna be the Year of Keanu!!!!!

Keanu’s Ode to Happiness

I bet you didn’t know Keanu wrote a book of poetry. Yeah. You didn’t, did you?

Reeves says he was inspired to write the book while listening to a radio station that “was playing, like, an orgy of depressing, self-pitying, nostalgic music. You know, ‘I’m so lonely and I’ve been left and my heart is broken.’ It was so voluptuously horrible. And I just started to write on this piece of paper, because I had this image of, you know, that moment when you take that bath, you light that candle, and you’re really just kind of depressed. And it was making [my friend] laugh so hard.”

The satirical poem is accompanied by beautiful ink blot paintings, stained by the tears of Keanu. Well, not really but in light of “Sad Keanu” one could only believe that to be true. But Keanu is clearly happy about this new venture to writing and I’m excited he did it. Not a lot of actors, or people for that matter, branch out to do something completely different. So, bravo!
The book has a wonderful lightness to it and shows that Keanu can laugh at himself and not take things to seriously because we all know one thing for sure… That it could always be worse.


Celebrate Keanu

Since a lot of people take the time to celebrate their Birthdays all week, why not do that with Keanu and his work. 

Why not grow out your hair and catch the end of summer and watch Point Break?

Or if that’s not your thing why not binge watch all of The Matrix Trilogy? If those are not your thing have no fear because he’s done pretty much every genre, so you have a lot to pick from: Keanu’s IMDB

Don’t fight this feeling and just relax and enjoy your weekend with Keanu because you know deep down inside, it’s worth it.

John Wick (Oct 25th, 2014)

Mark your calendars, a new film starring Mr Reeves is coming to us all soon!

The film is about a hitman, not to be confused with his upcoming TV mini series Rain where he also plays one.

Sounds interesting and action packed. And William Defoe is in it so we at least know it’ll be good, creepy fun.
I know what I’m doing the 24th of October. Hope to see you there.

Also thanks to Dan Portnoy for bringing this Keanu News to my attention!

100% Pure Keanu! Who’s In?

Hey awesomely talented friends out there, want to help make this Keanu! The Musical more awesome?!?! Well, here’s your chance! I’m currently looking for suggestions and projects while you all patiently wait for my musical masterpiece to be finished.

I would love to do collaborative work or just send me your favorite Keanu movie and why. I would love guests bloggers or someone to do a podcast with on the theory behind Keanu’s stare. The sky is the limit. So, who’s in? Because I’ll talk you to the Keanu edge…and back! 100% PURE KEANU! 

If interested please email! 

Lets do it!

Attn: Johnny Utah is missing

Where’s Johnny Utah?!?

Don’t worry though I think we can find him September 1st at the DNA lounge in San Francisco performing in Point Break Live! I have not yet been to see this magical reenactment of one of my favorite Keanu films Point Break. The greatest fact about Point Break Live is anyone can try out to be Keanu! So, If you’re ever jonesing to get your “whoa” on go see this play!!

Dream Cast: Ghost Patrick Swayze

I figured since I did a poll of who should play Keanu Reeves I should do them for the other key players of the musical. So, up next is Ghost Patrick Swayze (aka Patrick Swayze).

This one was tough because Mr. Swayze is a hard force to follow. It’s like trying to capture lightening in a bottle, beautiful yet dangerous.
Here are the list of contenders:

Come on! Is there really any other person you can think of who would kill it as hard as The Swayze!?!?

Neil Patrick Harris is clearly the only choice! Unless there’s this magical unicorn man that looks exactly like Patrick Swayze living on top of a mountain that rained candy everyday, then maybe we can talk.

Honestly, from the beginning I’ve always dreamed of having NPH play Ghost Patrick Swayze. Hands down he would be perfect and able to bring the sexyness and humor that Swayze has always brought to his films.

Also NPH’s voice is like an angel!

So far the billing for the Keanu! The Musical dream cast:
Keanu Reeves played by Joseph Gordon Levitt
Ghost Patrick Swayze played by Neil Patrick Harris

This cast is really shaping up, shaping up in my mind.
But a girl can dream!

Keanu! The Comic

Happy Friday Friends!

Hope you’ve been having a good week and why not cape the end of the week with a little treat, a little thing I’ve been working on with my good friend Alexsandra Chelini to create a Keanu! Comic series. It’s been fun brainstorming ideas and Wednesday we went to Drink and Draw held every Wednesday at The New Parkway theater in Oakland.

Here’s what I created:


I’m working on a quick, rough drawing of a series called Everyday Keanu! Where it’s just him doing everyday, mundane things like celebrating Batman day a day late or eating a cupcake. I’m excited to get more going and don’t have too much now but check it out:

Keanu! The Comic

Also I’m super excited to see what Alex comes up with because she’s an amazingly talented artist! What we’ve been talking about is having a Keanu! Pin Up Series for the ladies (and gentleman). So, stay tuned for that!

Should be a crazy Keanu! ride and I hope you’ll enjoy the ride!

One More Sleep Until Keanu!

I can’t believe it’s almost here!

The first EVER Keanu! The Musical Table Reading in beautiful San Francisco!

I’m thrilled that I get to work with so many talented people and can not wait to see how they bring these characters to life!

Here’s a little scoop about this fantastic cast:

DCB David Carr Berry (aka KEANU): The moment I met DCB, I wanted to be his friend. There was some mysterious element to him that I wanted to figure out. The more I investigated the more we became friends and I saw the good natured, intelligent, funny individual he is. Becoming his friend didn’t break the magic of his mystery and maybe that’s why he makes the perfect Keanu. Come see for yourself on Saturday!


 Max McCal (aka GHOST PATRICK SWAYZE): Max is one of the funniest people I know and it only makes sense that he is part of one of the best improv groups in San Francisco, EndGames Improv. When I was introduced to Max we had an instant bond of ridiculousness and just wanting to make people laugh. We could honestly joke back and forth for days, nights, and maybe years. But we probably shouldn’t because it might end the world with too much funny. I know Max is going to bring a fun element to this reading and his performances are not to be missed. HE’S PLAYING GHOST PATRICK SWAYZE for christ sake!!!


Laura Lahti (aka SANDRA BULLOCK):  Laura is pretty much a bad-ass. She is able to juggle a lot all at once but always knows how to let loose and have a good time. I’m thrilled this wonderfully, talented woman is part of the cast  and I know she’ll bring the sassa-tude needed for good ole Sandra Bullock. Come see for yourself!



Matt McMonagle (aka BILL): I don’t even know how to describe the awesome-ness of Matt. He’s just too awesome for any kind of words known in the English language. We instantly became best buds the moment we met and I’m pretty sure we are long lost siblings. Matt is one of the nicest guys you’ll meet and always smiling. Whenever I’m having an off day he always cheers me up. He’s guaranteed to cheer you up too with his Most Triumphant performance of Bill! Just wait and see.

adamAdam Amler (aka Crispen Glover, The Devil, Dustin Hoffman): Adam was one of my first friends when I moved here 3 years ago from Ohio. He’s one of my best buds, always making me laugh and going on random fantastic adventures. We also like to get highly caffeinated and watch tv shows, which is all I really require in a friend. Adam is amazing and one of the most talented musicians/songwriters I know. Come see him on Saturday and see for yourself.

Matt J

Matt Jackson (aka Christopher Lloyd, Gary Buesy, Jeff Daniels, Al Pacino, Kevin Bacon): The moment I met Matt I liked him. He’s always seems to be having a great time no matter where he’s and always happy to see you. He’s got great energy and just wait until you hear his Gary Buesy impression! I’m so happy he’s reading and he’ll bring the fun for sure!


Monica Leong (aka George Carlin, Shia LaBeouf, Laurence Fishburne, River Phoenix):  Monica is my nerd counterpart and can geek out with me at a moments notice. Monica is not only a nerd but also a cool, creative cat lady, which probably also helps in our friendship. I’m ecstatic she’s a part of the reading and think she’ll really bring out the magic in her characters. Get reading. It’s gonna be a wild and crazy ride!


Adam V Adam Van Der Veer (aka Rachel Weisz, Carrie Anne Moss, Charlize Theron, The Maid):  I consistently saw Adam every morning at the coffee shop I worked at, both of us still sleepy from lack of caffeine. Adam is an awesome talented person and has a cat named David Duchovny. What else is there to say? Come see him perform these lovely ladies on Saturday. You won’t be disappointed. Promise.


Kevin VanScoder (aka The Narrator): Yes, he has some resemblance to Jeff Goldblum and Yes, he may be my husband but just wait until you hear him read the action points in the script. You’ll be impressed. Kevin is amazing and I’m not just saying it because we’re married. He’s a talented film maker and creative poet. He’s also the best partner a girl could ask for putting up with my Keanu obsession for the past few years. Come hear his soothing voice on Saturday and enjoy!

Andrew Andrew Rahman (aka The Music Guy):  I’m excited to have Andrew be part of this table reading doing live music and videos the entire time. We’ve been working for months on sound and songs and we can’t wait for you to hear them. He’s so talented and I’m honored to have him helping me on this musical! Come hear him and the sounds he’s created on Saturday!