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Dream Cast: Ghost Patrick Swayze

I figured since I did a poll of who should play Keanu Reeves I should do them for the other key players of the musical. So, up next is Ghost Patrick Swayze (aka Patrick Swayze).

This one was tough because Mr. Swayze is a hard force to follow. It’s like trying to capture lightening in a bottle, beautiful yet dangerous.
Here are the list of contenders:

Come on! Is there really any other person you can think of who would kill it as hard as The Swayze!?!?

Neil Patrick Harris is clearly the only choice! Unless there’s this magical unicorn man that looks exactly like Patrick Swayze living on top of a mountain that rained candy everyday, then maybe we can talk.

Honestly, from the beginning I’ve always dreamed of having NPH play Ghost Patrick Swayze. Hands down he would be perfect and able to bring the sexyness and humor that Swayze has always brought to his films.

Also NPH’s voice is like an angel!

So far the billing for the Keanu! The Musical dream cast:
Keanu Reeves played by Joseph Gordon Levitt
Ghost Patrick Swayze played by Neil Patrick Harris

This cast is really shaping up, shaping up in my mind.
But a girl can dream!

The Results Are in…

Last week I posted a poll asking the readers who would be best suited for the role of Keanu Reeves for the musical (that is, if Mr. Reeves wouldn’t like to fill the position himself). Thank you for everyone who voted and results are in (drum roll please)…

The role of Keanu Reeves in my Keanu! The Musical “Dream Cast” goes to…….

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

It would be perfect. Not only do they look alike but Joseph Gordon-Levitt can actually SING! And he’s good!

It just makes sense. Just listen to him sing.

Imagine him singing “50MPH Love Song”. It would be magic.

Lets ask him!

Even if this dream collaboration doesn’t happen I found his awesomely-amazing collaborative production company HitRecord!

I’m going to post some Keanu! The Musical excerpts for feedback and hopefully find other folks who want to contribute to this fun musical! Should be fun and interesting and can’t wait to check out and work with some great creatives! How cool!

Dream Cast: Keanu Reeves

I know. Keanu Reeves is the IDEAL person to play himself in this play about, himself but if he’s busy lets think of some other possibilities.

Who would you like to see?

Misha, I know you can sing…so why not sing in the musical?

Just imagine Jonathan Groff belting out a love ballad to Neil Patrick Harris (who is definitely on my list to play Ghost Patrick Swayze)

And just think what an amazing job Joseph Gordon-Levitt would do:

And how hilarious Charlie Day would be:

And Stephen Colbert would FUCKIN’ KILL IT (and he’s worked with Neil Patrick Harris already…so, it just works)