Dream Cast: Ghost Patrick Swayze

I figured since I did a poll of who should play Keanu Reeves I should do them for the other key players of the musical. So, up next is Ghost Patrick Swayze (aka Patrick Swayze).

This one was tough because Mr. Swayze is a hard force to follow. It’s like trying to capture lightening in a bottle, beautiful yet dangerous.
Here are the list of contenders:

Come on! Is there really any other person you can think of who would kill it as hard as The Swayze!?!?

Neil Patrick Harris is clearly the only choice! Unless there’s this magical unicorn man that looks exactly like Patrick Swayze living on top of a mountain that rained candy everyday, then maybe we can talk.

Honestly, from the beginning I’ve always dreamed of having NPH play Ghost Patrick Swayze. Hands down he would be perfect and able to bring the sexyness and humor that Swayze has always brought to his films.

Also NPH’s voice is like an angel!

So far the billing for the Keanu! The Musical dream cast:
Keanu Reeves played by Joseph Gordon Levitt
Ghost Patrick Swayze played by Neil Patrick Harris

This cast is really shaping up, shaping up in my mind.
But a girl can dream!