Keanu Reeves, I’m Sorry I Doubted You

It may take people a few days, months, or years to understand the magic and beauty of Keanu Reeves.

Check out Anne Billson’s article on her doubt of Keanu and how it changed.

Keanu Reeves, I’m Sorry I Doubted You


I was just like Anne Billson, thinking Keanu was terrible and could only play the stoner characters that had no depth. Boy, was I wrong. Once I really started to research Keanu for the musical I began to see the kindness that was in him and how serious he took his career as an actor. He’s professional, generous, and down to Earth. He’s not your typical Hollywood actor, trying to stay out of the lime light instead of in it. I have great respect for him and my musical only reflects that.

All I have to say is Thank you Keanu!


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