Keanu Movie Club- Parenthood (1989)

Keanu is an actor with many roles under his belt ranging from “The One” to an Orthodontist who’s obsessed with wolves. But there’s one role that he’s played, maybe, too well: the angst ridden teen. Nothing compares to his sweet, naive, absent minded, “stoner” character Tod Higgins from the Ron Howard’s 1989 film Parenthood.

Tod Higgins is a good guy who just loves his girlfriend (Martha Plimpton) and not as dumb as everyone assumes. This character is a gem in Keanu’s crown of misunderstood teen angst during the late 80s and early 90s. No one did it better. There was a beauty and ease in his acting for these roles and if you never thought Keanu could act, think again and watch this:

There’s some truth and pain in that monologue, probably stemming from his real life experience with his own father not being around. Keanu has more depth then people think. Sometimes you just have to look a little deeper and beyond the “vacant stare” because you might see a beauty and innocence you’ve never noticed.

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