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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Here they are! The Keanu! The Musical San Francisco Table Reading Images! Thank you so much to Jennifer Hart for the images!


The Magic…..The Love….The Story that will bring us all together…..



Here are the players:

dcb_keanu max_gpsnarratorriversandrabuseybadguybillSorry Adam Van Der Veer is not pictured, though he did an amazing job as Charlize Theron/Rachel Weisz!


This is just the next step to BROADWAY!!!!! Or at least to a stage performance that will run a few weeks. Nonetheless, it was great and I got great feedback and will just make this musical stronger and better!

IMG_0222Keanu, don’t worry. It’s happening…it’s getting closer…one table reading at a time.


Please wait! It’ll be worth it!




True Magic

Keanu! The Musical Table reading Cast:


Front Row: Matt Jackson, Monica Leong, Matt McMonagle, David Carr Berry, Max McCal, Laura Lahti, Adam Amler, Adam Van Derr Veer, and ME-Stacie Sells. Back Row: Andrew Rahman and Kevin VanScoder

This picture explains it all. The excitement. The Fun. And the shock at how great the response I got from the cast and the audience. You have no idea the joy a writer gets when they hear their words spoken. It was scary and exciting at the same time, leaving my face looking like that in the picture for most of the reading. And where to begin with the actors? I was so thrilled with my cast. They absolutely killed it and I could not have done it with out them!!!  It’s amazing how much they brought life into the characters and in ways I never would have expected or guessed. BIG THANKS TO THEM!

Also this reading was the first time sound and visuals were included by Andrew Rahman. It brought the musical to a whole new level and I can’t wait to work with him more.  And as always must give props to the great narrator, Kevin VanScoder making sure the audience could visualize the setting and scenes during the table reading.

There will be more pictures to come from the reading but right now I just want to SHOUT FROM THE ROOF TOPS how amazingly, magical the reading was and I can’t wait to take my notes and make this play even better!

I can’t believe my musical baby is growing up so fast!


5 Days Until SF Table Reading!

Each day before the Keanu! The Musical Table Reading in San Francisco I am going to post little gems to get you PUMPED!

Today is:


Feeling bummed and need a little pick me up to get your through the day? Well, have no fear. Keanu is here! Just print this little buddy out and tape him on your computer, your dashboard, the bathroom mirror, or where ever you may need to be reminded that life can’t be that bad.

Keanu is always there to help you through those rough days because, just look at him, he’s been through them too.

BONUS POINTS  if you print these guys out and bring them to the reading!!!!