A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Here they are! The Keanu! The Musical San Francisco Table Reading Images! Thank you so much to Jennifer Hart for the images!


The Magic…..The Love….The Story that will bring us all together…..



Here are the players:

dcb_keanu max_gpsnarratorriversandrabuseybadguybillSorry Adam Van Der Veer is not pictured, though he did an amazing job as Charlize Theron/Rachel Weisz!


This is just the next step to BROADWAY!!!!! Or at least to a stage performance that will run a few weeks. Nonetheless, it was great and I got great feedback and will just make this musical stronger and better!

IMG_0222Keanu, don’t worry. It’s happening…it’s getting closer…one table reading at a time.


Please wait! It’ll be worth it!




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