Month: July 2014

The Nice Guy: Keanu Reeves

We all like to believe that movie stars are the nicest and greatest beings on Earth. But unfortunately we know that is not true. With that dang technology today we see Actors caught on tape screaming at the directors and just being downright rude to fans. You may think it’s all over, that movie stars will never be just like you and me….

Or did we speak too soon?

Is there one true person left…is it “The One”?!?!

Keanu is still a gentleman and also just a nice guy. Take a look at this article depicting the money he’s donated to help films be made and to just help out others. He’s also taken major pay cut in his salary to be part of films such as The Matrix. What would your life be with out The Matrix?!?! He’s also very honest about himself and his experiences and when not in the spotlight he tends to try and keep a private life, which I respect. Keanu seems like a guy you could go out and have a beer with and have one of the best conversations of your life (he’s very well read). I know he’s still an actor and getting paid more then you and me but doesn’t it at least give you hope that there are some folks still out there “keeping it real”?

You may still need to be convinced of his magic but I don’t see how you can argue with his kindness.

Just try.


U.S. Men’s Soccer Team & Point Break

This is amazing article comparing the US Men’s soccer team to one of my favorite Keanu movies, Point Break.

It’s fitting that Point Break starred Keanu Reeves, an actor who has never been as talented as his peers, but is notorious for working harder and always being prepared. It’s the reason he’s had such longevity. Let’s go a step further and call USA the Keanu Reeves of the World Cup. Bold.

Reeves & Swayze In 'Point Break'

Read the rest of this amazing article here and enjoy all the Johnny Utah/Bodhi quotes.

Keanu Movie Club: My Own Private Idaho (1991)

One of my all time favorite Keanu movies and was the first to make me look at him as a serious actor.

My Own Private Idaho:

Also directed by one of my favorite directors Gus Van Sant

Two best friends living on the streets of Portland as hustlers embark on a journey of self discovery and find their relationship stumbling along the way.

If you had to choose any Keanu movie to watch, watch this one.

Keanu Movie Club: Rivers Edge (1986)

Next on the list is Rivers Edge:

A high school slacker kills his girlfriend and shows off her dead body to his friends. However, the friends’ reaction is almost as ambiguous and perplexing as the crime itself.

There’s even a song in the musical based on this…just sayin’.

Keanu Movie Club: The Night Before (1988)

Hello friends and Keanu lovers I am going on a 4 day backpacking trip and thought I should leave you with some less known Keanu movies to watch.

First on the list is:

The Night Before 

Winston Connelly wakes up in the middle of the night in an alley with no idea of how he got there. Nor does he know where in Los Angeles he is or why he is wearing a beat-up tuxedo. Through a series of flashbacks, he remembers that he was sidetracked on his way to the prom the night before. In the meantime, he has to figure out what happened to his wallet, his car keys, his date, and why a pimp named “Tito” wants him dead.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the film. Also this will help you understand little references in the musical as well!


I Like Fiction Books…

I know this isn’t a Keanu post but I felt that I needed to share this great film They Came Together directed by David Wain and written by him and Michael Showalter. They are also the masterminds behind one of my all time favorite movies Wet Hot American Summer. So, you could only imagine the excitement that rushed through my body when I saw they CAME TOGETHER to make another movie! (also get it…I used the title of their film about them coming together…yeah, play on words…but maybe not really…anyway). The film is a rip on all the Romantic Comedy cliches with perfectly timed jokes that leave you laughing through out the whole movie.

Can rent this movie now on Amazon for $6.99!

The reason I’m sharing this with you is because I want to thank them for doing what they’ve been doing for years! With out them I don’t think I would be where I am now with my musical. The ridiculousness that are in their movies really inspired me to grab hold of the silly and never let go.


So, here I am, 4 years later still holding onto my Keanu! The Musical silliness and I couldn’t be happier. These movies really inspire me to keep going and not to give up because in the end I just want to make people laugh and I believe this musical will do that!

Thank you David Wain

Thank you Michael Showalter

Thank you the cast of Wet Hot American Summer and They Came Together.

Hope to see you when my musical opens on Broadway!