2 Days…..

The Keanu! The Musical San Francisco Table Reading is almost here. It’s so close I can taste it!

We all know Keanu Reeves has worked with many legendary actors and directors on multiple occasions through out his career. It only made sense to replicate that consistency with my cast and bring in my ever so talented friends.

What is a table reading you might ask?

A table reading is when a production organizes a reading around a table of the script by actors but only the speaking parts. It also helps the director/writer make notes on areas that might need work. It’s not only a helpful exercise but a more relaxed feel, where we can let loose and have a little fun.

My cast of friends range from Improv Super stars, Imaginative Directors, Magical Musicians and Nerd/Food Scientists! Who could ask for more? This colorful cast of characters I’m proud to call my friends. I’m thrilled and excited to hear how they will breathe life into their characters and how it’ll shape the show!

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