Have you ever been in the middle of the perfect sandwich when you stopped to contemplate life? Rest assured you’re not the only one, unless that is you are The One (Neo). Keanu! The Musical! follows the simple and completely normal everyday life of Keanu Reeves and the challenges, even he, faces. Guest appearances by none other than; Everyone that is totally rad & people who love to hang around actors who say, “Whoa!”. 

My name is Stacie Sells (I’m the one making a crazy face and holding a cup o’ wine) and I’m the author/creator of Keanu! The Musical.


My love and obsession for Mr. Reeves began May of 2010 when the infamous Sad Keanu Meme was introduced into my life. That was the year when Keanu! The Musical was born and my love for Mr Reeves began.


If this has peaked your interest at all please come embark on a magical journey though time and space and see Keanu rekindle old friendships and create new. Help him find his place in the sun and understand the true meaning of Christmas…wait…no, I mean help him understand why he should keep acting and allow him to really “Know thyself” to his fullest.

So, come along on this Most Excellent Journey and support Keanu! The Musical today!

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